5 Free Windows 8 Apps That You Should Start Using

It is almost a month since Windows 8 launch and we have yet to some groundbreaking apps.

However, there is a nice collection of apps in the store for now. I have been looking for some good apps and found these 5 which work great.

5 Best Windows 8 Apps to Download & Have:

best windows 8 apps

Mail Windows 8 App:

Mail is one of the in build app that is very easy to use and looks nice in Windows 8.

It does not have features of some of the web based or desktop clients but it gets the job done. I like it for following reasons:

  1. Notifications: Mail uses in built Windows 8 notifications which is a great thing. While Gmail can also notify you of mails in Chrome, Mail in Windows 8 can notify you on login screen as well. Additionally, you can turn notifications off for a small interval (1/3/8 hours) if you need some focus.
  2. Magic: It is Apple’s job to use magical products but this app is really wonderful. One thing that I absolutely love is that it works anywhere. I am behind a proxy in my college and it works flawlessly. Even GMail works great inside it. Any other mail client fails to do this.

If you have not yet started using Mail app in Windows 8, try it, you will like it for sure.

Skitch Windows 8 App:

Skitch is snipping tool reloaded.

While Snipping tool gets the job done in Windows 8, Skitch is the go to app if you want to modify those.

Skitch (Windows UI app, not the normal one) allows you to paste screenshots and save them directly to Evernote. You can add highlights, squares and various other shapes if you want to demonstrate something on a webpage or software.

You can generate a public link directly from the app to share the note. And using the charms bar, you can easily mail the screenshot. The app is so good that I have uninstalled the Windows x86 app for this. It is lighter, faster and easier to work with.

Download Skitch

Dhingana Windows 8 App:

Dhingana is an app which you can use to listen to Indian songs for free.

It features all the popular and latest songs and works well. It is integrated well and if you are using a keyboard with multimedia keys, it will work well with those too.

I have been using it instead of downloading songs for some time an it works really well. The song collection is good and streaming is fast, even on slower connections.

Download Dhingan

Kindle Windows 8 App:

Kindle is another great app which has replaced the desktop version for me.

I am a big fan of reading and have quite a few books in my library. Kindle app does everything that native Windows x86 version could do. There are some hiccups but it works well and is very light on system.

Download Kindle

Pulse Windows 8 App:

Pulse is a great app that I have mentioned multiple times on Technoleash. There is a separate article on New Pulse and also iPhone Reading Buff Apps article.

It brings news from all your sources together and can also sync with Google Reader. Windows UI app is just like the web version but has better fonts and notifications.

You may want to turn the notifications off as there may be loads of them when you open the app.

Note: Pulse App has been pulled from Windows 8 store for now. You may try News Bento as an alternative.

Do you have any apps in mind for Windows 8 that work well? Do let us know in comments.