People Buy What Looks Best: Web Development Practices

Web development is as tricky as it is interesting. With the kind of importance it has gained in the world these days, it is very important to ensure that our websites are developed in the right way. This article aims at helping people develop websites which can be highly functional and aesthetically sound thereby ensuring that your site has a high profitability.

Okay, there used to be a time when beauty came second to talent, but look around yourself. Today, everything depends on how things look. People would buy the better looking soap, the prettier handkerchief and the stylish gadgets. Wouldn’t you? Of course you would.

This is why the new mantra for web development these days is to package the site in a better way. Whatever you do, just ensure that your site looks great. It has to look breath taking and stimulating and encouraging the user to buy your products and services.

For this you must ensure that your site has the best design on the block. There is a lot of competition in the online world today and if you don’t attempt to stand at the top, there is a big chance that you wouldn’t even make it to the level of mediocrity.

There are a few things you must take care of when you indulge in Web development


Colours play a more important role in the reception of a website than we realise. However, by colour I don’t mean adding a dash of pink here and a blob of orange there. Using the right kind of colours is as scientific as any other aspect of the website.

The chief things to note are:

1.    Background: The colour of the background essentially sets the mood of the site. It is responsible to put forth the basic message that you wish to convey through your site.

2.    Text/ Images on background: the colours of the texts or the images should be such that they are clearly visible against the background. There is absolutely no sense in writing great content for a website where you can’t even read it.

3.    Overall Colour Family: the family of colours you use for your site have to be in harmony. Try to maintain a fixed and recurrent theme to ensure stability and consistency.

Optimize for the eyeballs

Now, since we are all technical people, we don’t believe in leaving any stone unturned for optimizing our sites for the search engines to ensure a good hit rate. But what after that? What happens when a visitor has landed on our site? What do we do then?

Well, my bet is, not a lot of us have really thought about it in great detail. This is because we don’t understand the importance of tracing human behaviour with respect to the website. Please understand that a website is designed for humans. That is why you have to make certain that you give the users the right amount of information at the right places.

Studies indicate that humans have a tendency to look at a website in a manner that makes their eyes follow in an ‘F’ shaped pattern. Knowing this we can utilise these positions on the website to highlight the most important bits of information to hook the reader to the site.

These are some of the Best Web Development practices that need to be implemented for better results and same goes with E-Commerce sites which are booming high. Online Shopping Cart Software can help but still you need to make sure that you customize it.

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