5 Ways a Mobile Phone Monitoring Program Can Help You Keep Your Promises

Mobile phones are an integral part of our daily routine. If I ask you what are the three things you take when you leave your home, you will likely say car keys, cell phone, and credit card. Mobile phones help us in more ways than one. They can even help you keep your promises with your folks, friends, and team mates at office. All you have to do is to install a mobile monitoring program and viola!


How Mobile Phone Monitoring is useful ?

Keep your customer promises:

Businesses thrive on trust level with their customers. If you promise a customer to send someone over for trouble shooting, you better keep your promise to win the customer’s heart. Just use the location tracking feature of your mobile phone monitoring program to know whether your representative visited the customer at the right place on right time.

Reward your sales force for time management and hit rate:

I am not kidding you when I say you can manage your sales force remotely without having to call them several times a day. You can use the physical location tracking feature of the program to know in real time who exactly they are visiting and if there is any idle time that you need to take care of. Keep your promise of rewarding your employees based on their time management and hit rate with your customers.

Keep your employees happy by rewarding them for low communication costs:

You can promise your employees to reward them for low consumption of mobile phone quota and can even give them bonus points on their annual appraisals. Use your software to monitor their call durations, number of messages, and internet surfing to find out your best and most economical users. Reward them to win their loyalty.

Give your wife her dream gift on this anniversary:

You can monitor the internet browsing, physical location, calls, and contacts of your wife to find out her shopping interests. Combined with your knowledge about her personal taste, you will be able to figure out the best anniversary gift from one of her favorite outlets.

Take your children to dream vacation:

Make your vacation a dream vacation by announcing it in your family. Your children will browse the internet to hunt the best vacation spots on the globe. Check their web surfing and you will come up with the brightest idea for your vacations.