Microsoft Windows Security: Keeping Your Windows PC Secure For Free

Security is a big issue these days. You never know what or who is out there in the wild looking for your personal information. A trojan might enter your hard disk and wipe your data or a hacker might steal your valuable credit card data.In such times, you need security software. However, the problem with security software is that it costs a lot!

What if I tell you that you do not need to spend anything to protect your data?

I’m not joking! I have been using free Microsoft Windows Security software since 2006 and have been infected only twice. In last three years, I have not been infected even once!

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Now, that’s a good record, isn’t it? In this post, I will tell you about the tools and techniques that I use to make sure that my PC is safe.

Free Microsoft Windows Security Softwares

microsoft windows security

1. Avast Antivirus:

Avast is one of the best anti virus out there. It’s light, fast and quite secure. And it is free for home users!

In Avast’s case, free does not mean crippled! It has all the features that you need and there are no banners that push you to buy a pro suite. It can scan whole computer, do a quick scan of system files, scan a removable disk and also a single folder.

If a virus is found, it plays a sound alert to let you know and puts it in quarantine.

In real time, it scans file system, HTTP traffic, mail and IM traffic. If anything suspicious is found, it stops the traffic and tells you.

It also features Sandboxing which allows you to execute any suspicious programs in their own small playground. Overall, it’s a great Microsoft windows security suite.

2. Comodo Personal Firewall:

Comodo’s Firewall is the best free firewall. While not so light on resources, it is a great companion for Avast and covers internet threats well.

Along with firewall, it also has a great feature called Defense+ which asks you every time a program tries to modify or execute a protected program, it notifies you and asks what to do. While this may sound a bit geeky (it is!) and sometimes, can get on your nerves, it is very useful and makes sure that you are protected from any malware.

When you install Comodo though, it will ask to install antivirus too which you should skip as it is not as good as Avast for microsoft windows security.

Download Comodo Personal Firewall by visiting here

Tips For Microsoft Windows Security:

These both softwares are enough to protect you from any online threats. But there’s a small problem with computers. In most of the case, the problem is between computer and the chair!

Software does its job well but what if user downloads a virus intentionally (or unintentionally looking for something else).

Here are some tip to make sure that you are safe:

  1. Do not download from malicious sites. Always trust big names like and Softpedia for software.
  2. Scan anything that you download.
  3. Do not install free toolbars and softwares that let you access free smileys!
  4. Do not click any offers that look too good to be true.
  5. Guard your credit card info. Do not give it to just any site. Use PayPal wherever necessary.
  6. Keep Windows UAC on at all times. It may be a bit hard at times but it is good at saving you from malware.

That is all you need to know about Windows security. Have any suggestions or questions on microsoft windows security do let us know.