Pulse 3: A Great Upgrade For Already Great News Reader

Pulse is one of the apps that you must have on your iPhone, Android or even the Amazon Kindle. It lets you read news from lots of resources and even add Google Reader to it. The reader is also available as a web app and Windows 8 app as well, so you can read news from your favorite sources anywhere.

The iOS app got an update this Thursday and there was another update(3.0.1) on Saturday.

You have three options with Pulse. Using their web app, iOS app or Android app. I have been using iOS app since January (when I got my iPhone). I updated the app the moment I saw the update.

New Fonts in Pulse 3:

This is first thing that you will notice. The old font was Serif based and gave the app a very newspaper like traditional look and feel. I did not like that very much.

After all, both iOS and Android have all the fonts based on Sans Serif and Sans Serif looks much better on screens.

With this update, the font in Pulse has been changed to Sans Serif and it is a great change.

Get Infinite Scrolling with Pulse 3:

Previously, there used to be a limit on number of stories you could read from a single source. Now, this has been removed.

You can continue scrolling to right side and it will keep loading previous stories. Much better and handy if you are reading news after a long time.

Unlimited News Sources Per Page:

With 2.9, there was a limit on the number of news sources you could have on a single page. This has been removed as well. You can add unlimited number of sources now without any worries. This will be a great feature if you track lots of news at once.

Dictionary Bug on iOS:

If you were a regular user of dictionary feature in iOS, you might have noticed a small but very irritating bug in the app. You could use the dictionary feature but only once. After that, no “Define” option was there if you selected a word.

Only workaround was to force quite the app and then start again. With this update, the bug is fixed. Now whenever you encounter a word you don’t know, ou can use iOS dictionary.

A New Logo

This is a confusing change. Before the update, app had a very simple logo. Take a look:

Now, the app has this:

I have no idea what it is and maybe I am stressing a big too much on the point but logo is not that good!

The web version has not received an update, and continues to have same blurry fonts as it had before.

But the iOS update is great and if you own an iPhone or iPad, update now and start reading your news in a new and improved way.

Top 10 Best URL Shortners 2016

What Is Url Shortner

A Url Shortner Is a Service that translate Long urls into abbreviated alternative, Url Shortner Service are Based on Url Redirection.

Why We Use URL Shortner?

  • For Making Long url into short url.
  • For tracking Your Traffic and Clicks.
  • You can Simply Fit more links and content in less Space with URL Shortners.

Over All URL Shortner In their own way work as aggregates of in formation, This can lead to some useful mashups and innovations in how people Share and digest content.

url shortners

Here is a list of Top 10 Best URL Shortners 2016 :-

Final Words:

So Now You can make your long url into short and sweet urls, now its your turn to share it with your friends and followers.

Top Sites For Building Your Own Android Application 2016

Hello Guys, After Becoming A Pro Blogger every Blogger Wants to cover all Audience From every OS, So surly he will go for a Android App, But its Not easy to create a android Application without programming knowledge but there area couple of websites who provide a Service of creating free Android App Without any programming skills. here in this article I am going to share Top Free app Builders.

best android app maker 2016

Andromo: Anyone can create an android app using Andromo, You don;t need any Programming Skils for creating Android app with Andromo. Its simply on  drop and put Method.
  • Make Your Own App Right Now.
  • You Control Appearance and style.
  • Make Money Building Android apps

AppsGeyser: Appsgeyser is a free web platform that allows Converting any web page/Content into an android app in just two easy steps.

Features :

  • Free distribution.
  • HTML 5 Support.
  • Handly Notification.
  • Easy Monetization.

AppsBuilder: AppsBuilder is the new all-in-one tool to create, manage, and promote apps in a cost effective way and with no coding skills.


  • 100% Customizable
  • Cloud Publishing Platform.
  • Web Marketing Toolkit.
  • Capture New Customers.
  • Reach All Mobile Device.

Final Words

So here is a complete list of Top Appsbuilder with their features. so now for what you are waiting for just choose one of above and create your App and don’t forgot to give app link in comments. if you know any other app Builder then suggest us we will edit this post. stay Blessed, Happy Blogging.