5 Best Apps For Rooted Android Mobile 2016

Rooting your android phone gives you more freedom. After rooting, a user can install any root apps provided here. It is also compared as Jail Breaking. It is the modification of your android mobile. There are lots of benefits of rooted android mobile that it can helps to boost your mobile’s battery life and can increase the performance of your mobile.

Here today we are writing about best root apps. Yes the Root apps for any rooted android mobile. One of the big benefits of rooting your android mobile is that you can use this top root apps in your mobile. You can even monitor your mobile with lots of mobile monitoring apps. Once you done with rooting of your mobile device you will not only use this root apps, you can also remove the bloatware, faster internal systems and can even boost battery life. We have recently shared an article on top site to build your own android application will surely helps you to make your own app.

Remember one thing and keep in your mind that whenever you use any android best root apps in your mobile, first take the backup of you device. Without taking a backup do not try to install any of this rooted apps for android mobile.

Benefits Of Android Rooting:

  • Plenty of Apps.
  • Speed /Battery life Boosts.
  • Infinite Features.
  • Increases Performance.
  • Reversible.
  • A Free Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • Better Backup.
  • Access Blocked Features.
  • Install Custom ROM’s.
  • Full control over your system.
  • Latest Operating System (OS)Updates.

Top Best Root Apps 2016

best root apps

If you do not have rooted android mobile then do not worry at all. We have the solution to root your android mobile. As we know the popular site Qd Tricks daily updates new and latest working tricks. They have recently come up with the tutorial to root your android device without pc or computer. Check out the link and start rooting your device and enjoy this best root apps for free on your mobile.

1. Device Control

It controls the several features of your android mobile. I provides extra features like editors, app manager, tasker, wireless file manager and more. It is one of the best root app in android. It is having some of the best following features which makes it one the best app for rooted android mobile:

  • You can tweak anything like Knock-On, screen colour temperature, vibration strength, LCD power and so on
  • CPU & GPU frequencies, i/o schedulers and governors tweaks
  • Voltage control and fast charge settings

2. Greenify

It is one of the best battery saver root app for android mobile. It can improve the low android phone speed as well as the battery life of any rooted android mobile. This is one of the best app which can be used in both rooted as well as non-rooted device. With root access you can enjoy the extra benefits of this app. The main aim of this application is that it identifies the misbehaving of apps installed in your device. And make it into hibernation mode when you are not using that app. It does this all thing automatically.


  • Freeze
  • Autostarts
  • XXX Task Killer
  • Persistent Background Servie
  • Alarms
  • Widget Updates
  • Push Messages

3. Root Explorer

It is another best android root app which allows you to search and organize your mobile’s internal storage and SD Card data. With the help of this root app you can get the access of system directory where you can able to delete any stock apps or files. It has many features like built in text editor, multiple tabs, zip file creation and extraction, SQLite databse viewer and so on.


  • Full network access
  • Add or remove accounts
  • Find accounts on the device
  • Prevent from sleeping

4. Rom Manager

This is one of the best app for rooted android mobile which gives you the access to install custom ROMs on your android mobile phone. It install the CWM mod in your mobile from which you can create the backup of your current ROM as well as install the new ROM in it. This root app comes with free as well as premium version which gives several advanced root features.


  • Install Queue
  • Receive notifications for when your ROM is updated!
  • Premium ROMs
  • Incremental update zips (save your data plan!)
  • Web Connect
  • Automatic backups

5. Link2SD

As we all know android device has low internal storage. Link2SD is one of the best root app can solve this problem easily. It allows the user to move the app internal data to external storage. This way you can easily free up you internal storage and then install the as much apps as you want.

If you do not have rooted android mobile then do not worry at all. We have the solution to root your android mobile. As we know the popular site Qd Tricks daily updates new and latest working tricks. They have recently come up with the tutorial to root your android device without pc or computer. Check out the link and start rooting your device and enjoy this best root apps for free on your mobile.

Above given is the top 5 list of best android root apps which can be used on any android rooted mobile phone. If you wants to know more about android rooting or android root apps then there is one website called Qd Tricks provides it on daily basis.

4 Apple Inspired Marketing Ideas 2016

Apple is one of the largest and most successful companies in the world. Not only does it provide some truly amazing products, they have some very great marketing strategies to back them up. Apple doesn’t seem to be going anywhere but up, so they can teach us a lot of how they became successful. Let’s take a look at a few of the many ideas that Apple has mastered.


Design is Everything

No matter what, a product that has a very attractive design will do much better than a product that doesn’t. In any industry, all companies have competition and other businesses that provide similar services and/or products. The people who buy Apple’s products love the innovative and new designs and are big fans of Apple because of them. If Apple just made the exact same products but used a mediocre design that didn’t catch people’s attention, do you think they would still be as successful as they are? Probably not because their customers would have went to a competitors that did offer something that looks better.
First impressions are a large factor in the buyer’s thought process, usually within seconds people know if they like something or not. By designing your products we’ll, you will be able to get them interested right away. Even if you aren’t selling any physical products, you can still introduce the electronic product or service in fashion and grab their attention.

Invest Time into Content Marketing

Content marketing is a general term used to combine a lot of different marketing methods into one category. E-books, blogs, videos, pod casts, search engine optimization, social networking, and more are all considered to be parts of content marketing. Apple and many other companies have proved that this method is very effective. By getting people interested enough about the content Apple provides, the readers feel the need to go to the Apple site on their own terms. Since the potential buyer isn’t being forced to watch an advertisement or look at a pop up, they are more inclined to buy products that interest them.

Content marketing doesn’t have to cost much, and if you really wanted to, could be completely free. Although it does take some time to get started, and if you have never done it before, can take time to learn, it can bring in tremendous amounts of potential customers. Content marketing can also be used to help increase your brand, expand to new audiences, and also learn any feedback that might help you in the long run. If you have a decent size marketing budget, it would be wise to spend some of it into content marketing, the more you put in, the less work you have to do.

Connect with People and Convert them Into Loyal Fans

It isn’t a secret that Apple has a very large fan base that would defend Apple against anyone. Getting involved with your customers can yield some amazing results. It can take some time to finally get a good amount of people, but there are plenty of tools that can help speed up the process and also make it much more effective and easier. Use social networking sites, video networking sites, and other communication sites to get some profiles going and before you know it, you will have plenty of people interested in what you have to say. Before people will become loyal customers, you first have to give them something that is truly worthy of their loyalty. Apple provide their customers with new and innovative technology that is designed beautifully, which makes their customers into loyal fans that worship their products.

Once you get a good amount of people, you will start to notice that it is much easier to get more and more followers. This is because your current followers are recommending your business to their friends and also because people that see how big of a follower base you have, are automatically interested. Now that you are starting to grow, you can throw out special deals and connect with them to have them love your company even more. They will be a great resource of information as well because they will be able to provide feedback with anything they might not see as good, or they will praise you for what you are doing right. Either way, getting a good amount of supporters and connecting with them will help your overall revenue, they will market for you for free, and they will continue buying your products or services.

Give your Products or Services a Catchy Name

Having a catchy name for your services or products will allow your customers to easily remember them and also make them more enticing. Apple really made the names of their products great because everyone knows that if something starts with an I, it’s from Apple. A great example would be if you were shopping for an MP3 player, you wouldn’t call it a MP3 player, you would use the name IPod.

It can take some time to come up with the perfect name for your products, but it will pay off in the long run. Every business should take this into consideration, because it doesn’t matter what industry you are in, catching people’s attention will bring in more sales. If you are having some trouble with coming up with a name or have a few that you can’t decide on which one to use, try using a third party company to help out. They specialize in situations like yours and can even provide a focus group to let you know how well it works with consumers.

5+ Web Apps And Services To Make Your Life Easier

Computers were supposed to make our lives easier, right? But they have added more complexity to it. Managing a computer properly is an art in itself. And all the information overload makes it very hard to stay on top of everything.

In this post, I am going to show you 10 great web apps and services that can make life easy for you. You can also have a look at 10 Google Chrome Apps Which Can Enhance Your Productivity .

5+ Web Apps to Make Life Easier:


CloudMagic is a service that “magically finds anything when you need it the most“.

It is basically your personal Google. Lightning fast search for anything related to you. Once you grant it access to your online identities and services like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Evernote etc., it will allow you to find anything in any service. Simple and fast!


Evernote is a simple note taking service that lets you capture anything, anywhere.

One of the biggest appeals of Evernote is that it is everywhere. Windows 8 App, Windows Native App, OS X app, Android app, iOS app, a special iPad app, everyone’s covered!

You can access your notes from any device easily and share them by making them public.


Cubby is a simple cloud storage that is much better than other players out there.

It lets you share any file or folder without changing the storage structure on your hard disk. You get to keep your files the way they are and Cubby automatically syncs them.

The mobile apps allow you to get these anywhere you want easily.


Pulse is a great news reading app that allows you to stay on top of all the news.

You can read all your stories easily on your phone, tablet or browser. You can save stories for later and send them to Pocket or Readability. Sharing is also available within the app.


Readability is a great service that lets you easily read any article in a clean way.

All the ads, strange fonts and unnecessary elements are stripped off and you are left with content. You can save articles for later too.


Diigo is hard to sum up in one sentence. It is a web highlighter, sticky note taker, online bookmarking and annotation tool and a personal learning network.

It is quite easy to use and can be accessed from any platform via browser. Mobile support is not so good for now but it gets the job done.

Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go is an alternative search engine that is focused on privacy.

If you feel uneasy by the amount of data that Google has on you and do not like automatic filtering of results, this is a search engine for you.

They do not collect any information about you and keep you and your clicks anonymous.

These are 7 web apps that make it easy for you to be online and manage all the stuff. Do you have any suggestions?