Top 300 Best Social Bookmarking Sites List 2017

The world of internet today is advancing rapidly, and just as the world moves with the speed of light, so does the content on the internet. With a plethora of websites and options available for one single topic, there are high chances of content spamming and/or content theft. Though online media is a sharable content, and the purpose of these is to attain higher audience reach, one should definitely avoid spamming.

The most ethical thing to do will be to give due credit to the other websites/ content sources that are used as a resource for the content generated. Many people are not aware of this and hence end up convoluting the content and hence becoming a part of content spamming.

Also sometimes, you will notice that you receive multiple emails from the same company, sometimes even 5 to 10 emails a day, which only spams your inbox. These attempts seem to be so desperate in terms of trying to make a customer reach that it can get taxing on the audience.

There are high chances that if you spamming then you might get end up getting a penalty from the moderators of social bookmarking websites 2017.

What is Social Bookmarking?

social bookmarking sites list 2017

The definition of “Social Bookmarking” as mentioned on Wikipedia– “Social Bookmarking is a centralized online service which allows users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. Many online bookmark management services have launched since 1996; Delicious, founded in 2003, popularized the terms “social bookmarking” and “tagging”. Tagging is a significant feature of social bookmarking systems, allowing users to organize their bookmarks and develop shared vocabularies known as folksonomies.”

In layman terms to fit the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more; in your everyday life when you send a link of something on the internet that you think might interest your friends/family/colleagues; or if you tag them in these links with the purpose for them to check the content on that link, you are participating in Social Bookmarking.

Think of it like a book you are reading and you come across something really beautiful that you want to share with your friends and loved one, you will note it/tag it/highlight it/bookmark it with the purpose of sharing it. Now turn this into the virtual world, and the virtual reality is you end up sharing the links or tagging people in these posts/websites/comments etc., and hence the term ‘Social Bookmarking’.

Why do Social Bookmarking?

Well you might think, why not just a web browser to save i.e. bookmark your favourite content. What exactly is the need of Social Bookmarking?

The world of web is as beautiful and sporadic as is life, you can use your choices and your likings, your imaginations and your search, all combined, compiled, saved and shared. Social bookmarking sites allow you to share not only the content you have liked, but also your searches, and browse websites, especially the online ecommerce portals basis of the popular searches.

Since social bookmarking tools are all interlinked to the web based applications or webpages, you gain the liberty to add a bookmark on one device and access it on another website. You can share link from one device and access it on another device. Also since the web is continually being updated with new content, search & share data, Social Bookmarking makes your life convenient and upgraded all at once.

All you need is to be logged into your Social bookmarking account on all your device and you will see the sync right away, and you can experience how it can make your life relentlessly smooth!

Some of the Popular Social Bookmarking tools that are easily and widely available on the internet are:

How do you Use Social Bookmarking Sites?

Though the process of using each Social Bookmarking website can vary from one to another, however there is a basic standard process defined which works mostly the same on a large number of the Social Bookmarking websites.

  1. Foremost step is to visit the website, say for example Delicious
  2. Next register at the chosen website, by creating an account (free account in most cases)
  3. Next step will be to install their extension on your preferred browser, the one that you use regularly
  4. Once the extension is added to your browser it will show a small icon on the taskbar of the browser, icon of the respective Social Bookmarking website you have chosen
  5. Add bookmarks of your choice, websites, links, webpages, etc.
  6. Enjoy tagging these bookmarks with the help of the Social Bookmarking tool you are using!
  7. Now the last step- invite your friends- share your world of favourites with the people who are your world!
  8. Not only this, you can also browse the bookmarks of other people, so as to get handy and additional information from the people who have the same liking as yours!

3 Reasons You Must absolutely Use Social Bookmarking Sites!

If all of this does not yet entice you to use Social Bookmarking, here are three reasons why you must use Social Bookmarking!

Drive free and targeted traffic to your website or blog

A smart way to use Social Bookmarking is to use these bookmarks to drive concentrated and targeted audience to your website. The logic is simple, do what you like, share what you do, and people will follow you for what they like that you do!

Since people are always searching for like-minded content and websites, your bookmarks will help you drive traffic to your websites/blogs!!

Improves your sites Pagerank and number of links from SB sites

One major reason why Social Bookmaring websites are a hit is because of their importance in the world of search engines. It is important to have a higher pagerank for most of the social bookmarking sites. Ideally a popular social bookmarking site will have a pagerank of 4 to 8.

How does this help you? It helps drive good ranking to your website in terms of the ranking with the search engines and this will bring a good traffic to your website.

Boost the popularity of the website or the blog

Heard of viral digital marketing, viral threads, and viral videos? In reality the social bookmarking sites list are actually held and constantly updated and browsed by people who keep a tab on the rankings that go high and low with their website. Hence with your Social Bookmarks on a website with high ranking, they can gauge your website/content to be of high value and it can go viral! This will only derive more traffic to your website!

Top 300 Free Social Bookmarking Sites List 2017

Social Bookmarking SitesPR


Social Bookmarking sites is your easy way of sharing, updating, upgrading and keeping up the ranking! Hope this article has helped! Feel free to write us with any new views/ updates on this that can help enhance the article!

Why Advanced Online Shopping Cart is Most Profitable to E-Businesses

Nowadays, more and more rising businesses and entrepreneurs are getting into the E-Commerce industry. It allows them to be connected to a whole lot of potential customers in a much larger scale. May it be small or big establishment, engaging in online business offers greater opportunities for expansion and profit especially with the use of the online shopping carts. Maintaining a stable E-Business is important, and here are some of the little things to consider.


Choosing an Online Cart with the Best Product Portfolio: As the name suggests, online carts provide features a person would have with it when he/she is doing a real-world shopping. Customers can place several items in the online shopping cart as they go around your site looking for items to possibly buy. Using an magento platform performs website design for an online cart that has more features than most shopping carts combined would help increase the possibility of the customers actually buying products from your site.
Shopping carts that have integrated credit card processing capabilities that also accepts online payment in a few seconds are just examples of a good online cart you can use to your website. It is therefore ideal to use a shopping cart that not just do the basics, but does extra little things that would make online shopping for your customers much easier.

Avoiding Shopping Cart Abandonment: As mentioned above, an advanced online shopping cart increases your profitability. But on the other hand, it also prevents shoppers from abandoning their shopping cart. Why so? One reason why some people abandon their shopping carts just before making the payment is that the checking out process was too convoluted. Some shoppers must have to go through loops just to get the payment process done. A good shopping cart like the one mentioned above can prevent it from happening thus increasing the likelihood of making a sale.

Carts with Coupons at Checkout Feature: Another feature that can be added to the web design of your E-Commerce site is the integration of a custom solution called Coupons at Checkout that automatically finds coupons available for customer’s purchase during checkout of items. With one click, discount coupons attached with the items becomes readily available to the customers without the hassle of searching for the coupons elsewhere. Shopping cart abandonment is also lessened with the use of this innovative feature.

Choose from Personalized Settings: Customization of your online store not only adds a personal and unique touch in your web design but also it increases profitability. With over a hundred templates to choose from, you can give you website a refreshed look in less than a minute.

Customization of web design may not be only for the aesthetic feature, but it can also be used for your shopping cart as well. Choosing the best customization addition to your shopping cart can be very beneficial for your E-Business. An online shopping cart that has connections to a vast database and can manage multiple products is very useful. You can also choose to add security features to your shopping cart to provide safety for your customers; as well as invoicing and e-mailing system to confirm your shopper’s recent purchases can be a great addition as well.

Having a very reliable and advanced online shopping cart can give a lot of positive effects both to you, the owner and to the customer as well. A custom solution packed with the latest features for your online shop can be a great help in having a profitable business.

5 Best Apps For Rooted Android Mobile 2016

Rooting your android phone gives you more freedom. After rooting, a user can install any root apps provided here. It is also compared as Jail Breaking. It is the modification of your android mobile. There are lots of benefits of rooted android mobile that it can helps to boost your mobile’s battery life and can increase the performance of your mobile.

Here today we are writing about best root apps. Yes the Root apps for any rooted android mobile. One of the big benefits of rooting your android mobile is that you can use this top root apps in your mobile. You can even monitor your mobile with lots of mobile monitoring apps. Once you done with rooting of your mobile device you will not only use this root apps, you can also remove the bloatware, faster internal systems and can even boost battery life. We have recently shared an article on top site to build your own android application will surely helps you to make your own app.

Remember one thing and keep in your mind that whenever you use any android best root apps in your mobile, first take the backup of you device. Without taking a backup do not try to install any of this rooted apps for android mobile.

Benefits Of Android Rooting:

  • Plenty of Apps.
  • Speed /Battery life Boosts.
  • Infinite Features.
  • Increases Performance.
  • Reversible.
  • A Free Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • Better Backup.
  • Access Blocked Features.
  • Install Custom ROM’s.
  • Full control over your system.
  • Latest Operating System (OS)Updates.

Top Best Root Apps 2016

best root apps

If you do not have rooted android mobile then do not worry at all. We have the solution to root your android mobile. As we know the popular site Qd Tricks daily updates new and latest working tricks. They have recently come up with the tutorial to root your android device without pc or computer. Check out the link and start rooting your device and enjoy this best root apps for free on your mobile.

1. Device Control

It controls the several features of your android mobile. I provides extra features like editors, app manager, tasker, wireless file manager and more. It is one of the best root app in android. It is having some of the best following features which makes it one the best app for rooted android mobile:

  • You can tweak anything like Knock-On, screen colour temperature, vibration strength, LCD power and so on
  • CPU & GPU frequencies, i/o schedulers and governors tweaks
  • Voltage control and fast charge settings

2. Greenify

It is one of the best battery saver root app for android mobile. It can improve the low android phone speed as well as the battery life of any rooted android mobile. This is one of the best app which can be used in both rooted as well as non-rooted device. With root access you can enjoy the extra benefits of this app. The main aim of this application is that it identifies the misbehaving of apps installed in your device. And make it into hibernation mode when you are not using that app. It does this all thing automatically.


  • Freeze
  • Autostarts
  • XXX Task Killer
  • Persistent Background Servie
  • Alarms
  • Widget Updates
  • Push Messages

3. Root Explorer

It is another best android root app which allows you to search and organize your mobile’s internal storage and SD Card data. With the help of this root app you can get the access of system directory where you can able to delete any stock apps or files. It has many features like built in text editor, multiple tabs, zip file creation and extraction, SQLite databse viewer and so on.


  • Full network access
  • Add or remove accounts
  • Find accounts on the device
  • Prevent from sleeping

4. Rom Manager

This is one of the best app for rooted android mobile which gives you the access to install custom ROMs on your android mobile phone. It install the CWM mod in your mobile from which you can create the backup of your current ROM as well as install the new ROM in it. This root app comes with free as well as premium version which gives several advanced root features.


  • Install Queue
  • Receive notifications for when your ROM is updated!
  • Premium ROMs
  • Incremental update zips (save your data plan!)
  • Web Connect
  • Automatic backups

5. Link2SD

As we all know android device has low internal storage. Link2SD is one of the best root app can solve this problem easily. It allows the user to move the app internal data to external storage. This way you can easily free up you internal storage and then install the as much apps as you want.

If you do not have rooted android mobile then do not worry at all. We have the solution to root your android mobile. As we know the popular site Qd Tricks daily updates new and latest working tricks. They have recently come up with the tutorial to root your android device without pc or computer. Check out the link and start rooting your device and enjoy this best root apps for free on your mobile.

Above given is the top 5 list of best android root apps which can be used on any android rooted mobile phone. If you wants to know more about android rooting or android root apps then there is one website called Qd Tricks provides it on daily basis.