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What You Can Do

Educate and arm yourself with the facts about Illegal Immigration and how it is bringing our Country to its knees. Read the evidence and take action today.

Documenting the Damage by Undocumenteds

Headlines on the problems of Illegal Immigration pour in from across the Country. If we sound alarmist it is because the situation is alarming. But don’t take our word for it, examine the evidence.

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The Telling Research

Substantial Research Debunks the Myth that Illegal Immigration is a Net Gain for the Country.

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Hazleton Ordinance

Hazleton took charge and now you can too. The City of Hazleton was fed up with the problems created by illegal aliens. With the federal government refusing to act, they passed two laws imposing stiff penalties on anyone hiring illegal aliens or renting apartments to them. Now you can use the text of their laws to do the same in your hometown. We have even made it easy. Just download the two word documents and fill in the information as indicated.

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Landlord Tenant Ordinance

Download MSWord document